Spring is amazing. The smells. The birds chirping again. The sun is getting stronger every day.

And the garage transforms from its winter slumber.

One of the things in my garage last winter was my 28″ Blackstone Griddle. We had done a few winter cooks with it, searing some steaks, making a few batches of pancakes. In the winter it does still work, but it’s not quite the same experience when gridding at zero degree temps in the garage.

Next fall I’m going to think real hard about coming up for a better winter home for it.

When spring hit, we decided it was time to move it out to the deck. Moving it wasn’t hard. I disconnected the propane tank, removed the steel top, and walked it through the house with my six year old carrying the lighter half. Then I was able to bring the top, and then the tank, both on my own. Score another win for the griddle. That was so easy.

As I put all eight burgers, then a pile of chicken, and a pile of potatoes on the griddle, I was once again mesmerized by the raw efficiency of the cooking process, and the deliciousness of the results.

It’s so good!

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