Blue Rhino Razor Griddle vs Blackstone

These are two of the three main companies making griddles today. The third would be Camp Chef. Any of the propane griddles from these companies will change your life, so don’t hear me wrong. If you already have one of these, count yourself lucky and enjoy the features of your griddle without thinking twice.

Here, I’d like to outline the differences between Blue Rhino Razer griddles v.s. Blackstone’s offerings, which I would personally prefer, and how you might make a choice between them if you don’t already have one.


One thing I tend to pay attention to is whether a product is a company’s main gig, or a side offering. Take note: Blackstone has built a company on making outstanding propane Griddles. Blue Rhino is a large propane company that also makes griddles and grills. Keep that in mind. What I’ve seen over the last few years is that Blackstone has been rapidly evolving their product line in response to customer feedback.

Blue Rhino “Razor” Griddle

Blue Rhino has three griddles in their product lineup. You’re probably most interested in the large, 36″ model. The specs are largely the same as the Blackstone model, with very few meaningful differences in terms of BTU, cooking area, and materials. I’m going to skip straight to what’s different.

  1. Integrated cover

Notice the latch in the middle. The cover is actually the two side tables folded onto the top. I really like this design.


2. Folding Legs

Blue Rhino’s 36″ model has folding legs to level up the portability. This is similar to the 28″ Blackstone model.

3. A double burner on one side.

This is an interesting design choice. Having a hotter side can actually hinder your cook if you want a uniform temperature.

4. A concealed grease cup under the cooking surface.

Blackstone 36″

One product among many, we will examine the closest Blackstone model to the Blue Rhino Razer. Blackstone’s basic 36″ model.

The 36″ model has a lot of similarities in terms of basic specs.

Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle (amazon link)

Looks pretty similar, right?

Here’s what’s different:

  1. Rear Grease Management

This is a big deal, because it opens the entire surface for food. You don’t have to worry about accidentally moving a piece of food to the wrong spot. This is one of the changes Blackstone made to their product lineup a few years ago.

2. Upgraded End Table

The 36″ model now has a sweet integrated cutting board, paper towel holder, and garbage bag.

I’d really like to have this upgraded end table.

Side note: this is an example of how the Blackstone company is listening to customers, and making design decisions based on that.

3. A heavy duty propane tank holder.


While both are typically around the same price, and they have the same basic features, there are some differences. You may find one or the other more compelling, but for my money (they are around the same price), if I were buying for the first time and these were my two choices I’d be going with the Blackstone. In addition to their interesting features, Blackstone actually lists the thickness of their cooktop, a hefty 7 gauge steel.