I believe mealtime should be a delight, and a space for celebration. Mealtime for a family can present special challenges in quantity, schedule, and cleanup. I think the outdoor propane griddle solves all of this and more. After several years of near constant use I can confirm, this is a special cooking tool.


My name is Josh. I started Griddle Smith after I purchased a propane griddle in the summer of 2018.  You can read the origin story here.

I have five children, a lovely hard-working wife. I love to ferment things, and want to try every way to smoke food without actually using a traditional smoker. I spent most of my pre-griddle years with a small weber charcoal grill, and a standard run of the mill gas grill. Switching to a griddle was one of those ah-ha moments for me. I also enjoy cooking using a sous-vide immersion cooker, an insta-pot, and really want a Breville smoke-gun.  He goes a little overboard with the tech.

What you’ll find here

I want to explore and discover all kinds of things about the griddle and share them with you here.  I want to bring you the best of the recipes we’ve tried at my home. Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Recipes
  • Experiments with food and tools
  • Theory and Pondering
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Reviews, and Comparisons

The Future

You and I are just getting started on this adventure!  This is an exciting time to be Griddling.  People have been cooking on flat tops for many many years, but for some reason the at home outdoor propane flat top griddle hasn’t caught on. I’ve heard in Australia there’s a griddle in every back yard, and I think it’s not right that the US has ignored this tool for so long. I hope to change that.

I have been deeply impressed with how the griddle changed my culinary practices, and outcomes.  The more I talk about it with friends and family, the more the ideas keep growing and growing. 

Thats why I decided this was a big enough deal to write home about.